Thursday, 6 December 2012

Life in an Alaskan Quonset Hut

A picture is worth a thousand words. These photographs depict the life in Quonset Huts of Alaska during the Pacific War of WWII.

Quonset huts buried in the snow at Cold Bay, Alaska, 
Photo taken: December 28, 1942

A Quonset Hut converted into a gym at Adak, AK,
Photo Taken: August 2, 1944

Barber shop,interior view, Amchitka,AK, July 4, 1943

Interior of Naval Hospital, Attu, AK, 
Photo taken: December 5, 1943;

Appropriately, pin up girls line the walls of sleeping quarters in Adak, AK, 
Photo taken: 1943

Source for pictures: Steven Haycox, Quonsets, Alaska, and WWII.  ( Princeton, Princeton Architectural Press, 2005),

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